Tree Reports & Surveys

Arbor Cultural Ltd helps you to manage your trees in ways that are more sustainable and beneficial to the environment.

Professional tree reports and management advice in Guildford and surrounding areas.

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Arboricultural Services

Arbor Cultural carry out tree surveys and produce tree reports for a variety of needs, such as health and safety, mortgage acquisition and insurance purposes. This enables customers to compile planning surveys and make successful house purchases, as well as addressing duties of care around legal requirements.

We also undertake arboricultural impact assessments ahead of planning and development, as well as decay detection testing to provide you with certainty about the condition of your trees.

Tree surveys and reports

Tree Survey

Whether you are a landowner, estate manager or private property owner, our surveys let you know exactly which trees you have and if they present any potential risks.

Tree surveys and reports

Tree Report

We produce reports for effective tree management, planning permission, purchasing, mortgage acquisition and insurance purposes, and to address any legal obligations.

Decay Detection

As specialists in decay detection, we carry out professional testing which gives you confidence in the condition of trees and highlights any issues which need addressing.