Tree Report in Cobham | Promoting and Maintaining the Benefits of Trees

Arbor Cultural Ltd has a vision of helping customers manage their trees in a more sustainable and environmentally aware way. As such, one of our main goals is to promote the value of trees and to maintain the benefits they offer to urban environments by providing expert management recommendations. We achieve this through various services which include tree surveys, tree reports, decay detection testing and Arboricultural Impact Assessments. In addition, we offer various treatment options in Cobham and the South of England to improve the health of your trees, such as air spading and mulching.

Find out how our assessments and recommendations maintain the value of trees.

Retaining Trees

One of the main benefits of our tree surveys and reports is that they help retain as many trees as possible, which ensures local communities and environments around Cobham continue to enjoy their benefits.

Arbor Cultural Ltd maximises tree retention by carrying out thorough surveys, including Arboricultural Impact Assessments and decay detection testing, which prevent unnecessary felling. This is because we produce a clear picture of the condition of trees and with this information, we can offer suitable treatment or management plans which avoid the need for major tree surgery.

Improving Tree Health

To ensure trees benefit local environments as much as possible, it is important to keep them in good health. Failure to properly care for trees in Cobham and the surrounding areas may result in safety hazards or disease which requires removal of certain trees.

Consequently, we provide various services and recommendations to maintain or improve the condition of trees, such as:

  • Our tree reports include assessments of individual tree health along with recommendations to resolve any issues we uncover.
  • We undertake air spading to improve ground conditions and tree health.
  • We also provide mulching, nutrient application or soil conditioning to further improve the health of trees in Cobham.
  • Our tree surveys can include decay detection testing which identifies the presence and extent of decay and with this information we can advise on monitoring, treatment and management requirements.

Arboricultural Impact Assessments (AIAs)

AIAs play a key role in promoting and maintaining the value of trees. By carrying out these assessments, which identify the impact of construction on trees and vice versa, we can improve the performance of buildings and the value of sites by retaining as many trees as possible and providing ongoing management recommendations.

With many years of experience working with developers, architects, builders and local authorities, our tree reports help customers in Cobham and the South of England achieve planning approval and get the most from developments.
For example, our findings may indicate that air spading will help you maintain healthy trees so you can continue to enjoy their benefits. Some of which are:

  • Trees provide shade to keep buildings cool in summer.
  • Trees have a positive effect on health and mental wellbeing, which benefits those using the site and, in the case of commercial properties, makes for a happier and more productive workforce.
  • Mature trees are attractive to potential buyers and increase the value of properties.
  • Trees help improve the quality and perception of urban environments, which is beneficial for residents as well as local businesses.

For more information about our services in Cobham and all the surrounding areas, including tree reports and Arboricultural Impact Assessments, call 07899 984162 or 03335 775523.