Important Considerations in Getting Detailed Tree Reports and Arboricultural Impact Assessment in Cranleigh

Trees are a common sight in many residential areas. Depending on their sizes and types, they contribute to the natural scenery and serve their purposes in the environment. But not every tree stays in a good condition.

You don't want to worry about a diseased tree that can become a breeding space for pests Or a decayed tree that can cause damage to the property. That's why it's important to find an effective solution for these problems.

Arbor Cultural Ltd is an established and certified arboricultural company that helps customers to manage the trees on their property in a sustainable way. Our team have over 20 years combined experience in conducting and giving accurate and well-detailed tree reports to various home buyers in Cranleigh. We also conduct various arboricultural impact assessments for prospective homeowners.

Whether you need a detailed tree report for the trees in your garden, private land, public space, commercial space, or development site, we utilize the latest practices and technologies to conduct our work and provide you with reliable results and suitable advice that enables you to make a better decision.

If you are yet to get a tree report for your property in Cranleigh, here are some top reasons why you should consider getting a detailed tree report for your property.

Key Considerations

Planning Overlays

One of the main benefits of getting a detailed tree report is to discover the type of planning overlays that are suitable for your property. The report gives you insights about the planning overlays of the environment and how the trees can hinder work from taking place there. The most common type of planning overlays we conduct include the vegetation planning overlays, tree protection zones, and structural tree zones.

Tree Risk

When a tree becomes a risk to you and your property, you may not be aware. However, having an arborist conduct a tree report can help to prevent unforeseen accidents. We also recommend effective solutions to manage these high risk trees.

Tree Management Plan

Whenever there is a need to perform tree care services, you need an expert to inspect your trees before this work is carried out. When inspection has taken place, you will get a detailed report as well as recommendations for the best course of action.

Types of Tree Report

Arbor Cultural Ltd offers several different types of tree report. These include:

Planning and Development

If you need permission to start any planning or development project, then this report is for you. Arbor Cultural Ltd prepares you an accurate and well-detailed report that shares insights on the trees on your property and their impacts on the proposed areas.

Mortgage and Insurance Report

We also carry out tree surveys and reports for mortgage and insurance prospects that need a comprehensive report to meet their specific needs.

Health and Safety Reports

We assist our customers to fulfill their legal obligations by providing professional health and safety tree reports. This report contains some top recommendations on how to ensure safety on your property.

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