Tree Surveys and Decay Detection Testing in Guildford for Mortgage Homebuyers

When you are in the market for a new home, you may be unsure of the condition of the trees situated around the property. It’s difficult to tell if the trees are structurally sound or spot early signs of decay. When you buy a new home, it may not cross your mind to have the trees on new your property inspected, but it's easy to miss signs of tree decay and it's important to have your trees surveyed by a professional.

Arbor Cultural Ltd is an industry accredited tree consultancy company, specializing in sustainable tree management practices. With over 20 years of combined experience, our team has the knowledge and skill to offer inspections, arboricultural management advice, air spading, and detailed reports about the trees within your property.

When it comes to carrying out tree surveys and decay detection testing, our team are always ready to help. Whether it is for planning or safety reasons, you can rest assured that your tree surveys will be carried out efficiently and accurately.

We are the leading provider of tree consultancy services in Guildford, offering practical advice and professional tree reports. We offer a comprehensive range of tree services, some of our tree survey and decay detection services include:

Tree Surveys

Arbor Cultural Ltd carries out detailed tree surveys to meet your specific needs. Our tree surveys will provide you with all the information you need, whether you are seeking planning permission for a project or looking to prevent damage to your property from roots and branches.

Before we carry out the survey, we consider some factors that can influence the results such as the location and size of the trees, as well as and health and safety standards that are relevant.

Once this is done, we carry out a tree survey assessment that includes:

  • tree hazard evaluation
  • damage caused by tree failure
  • potential damages from roots or branches
  • subsidence issues related to vegetation
  • constraints, conservation, and tree preservation orders

While carrying out this process, we ensure it doesn't obstruct legal processes. Every species remains safe and meets the requirements of the Health and Safety Work Act, especially with commercial properties. Some of the technologies we use include sub-metre GPS for accurate surveys in different weather conditions or cloud-based software that allows us to record vital information.

Decay Detection Testing

When it comes to carrying out decay detection testing, we conduct this through two main methods.

First is non-invasive testing that utilizes Arbotom sonic tomography to detect the extent to which the decay has taken place. It also shows the presence of hollow spots in the tree and calculates strength loss without causing harm to the tree.

Then, there is the invasive testing that uses a Resi-400 PD Micro Drill to drill into the tree and ultimately determine the resistance of the wood. The lower the resistance, the more decay has taken place in the wood.

Treatments and Recommendation

After we have carried out the survey, we can recommend some solutions that can help in restoring the tree if necessary. Some of these recommendations include:

  • Air spading and mulching to improve the tree's health
  • Chlorophyll fluorescence of chlorophyll content testing
  • Soil treatments to promote healthy growth

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