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BC 5837 Reports, Surveys & Supervision

BS 5837 Tree Report

A BS5837 Tree Report descibes exactly what trees you have on your site, how important they are and the impact they will have on the proposed development and what impact the development will have on them.

Ideally, there would be a topographical survey of the site, but on small sites, we are able to triangulate the locations of trees and plot them. The trees will be numbered, identified, categorised and measured to establish the constraints that they pose on any development.

As part of our assessment we will recommend any tree work considered necessary on health and safety grounds, or where it cannot be avoided, to remove part or all the tree to enable a better planning application. We would always like to ensure suitable replacements are provided as mitigation. This will provide a continuity of tree cover.

BS5837 Surveys, Reports & Supervision

BS 5837 Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA)

The BS 5837 AIA will identify and protected trees, the effects on the amenity value and biodiversity of the surrounding area, identifying any potential incompatibilities between the retained trees and the proposed layout.

The BS 5837 AIA will include any infrastructure requirements for highways and road access, visibility, lighting CCTV and services. It will also include mitigation of any trees required to be removed for the scheme, and an assessment of the proximity of the retained trees to the existing and proposed structures.

BS 5837 Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS)

A BS5837 AMS identifies specific methods to best protect retained trees on and adjacent to the site, throughout the construction phase, and into the ongoing use of the site afterwards.

All tree work recommendations will comply with the relevant British Standard BS3998 Tree Work – Recommendations (2010), unless otherwise specified in a report, with a clear justification for any deviation from the standard.

Trees also have significant heritage value. This is being increasingly eroded as many large and medium sized trees are being removed as they become unsafe or are simply in the way of proposed development or infrastructure.

BS 5837 Tree Protection Plan (TPP)

The BS 5837 TPP is developed from the BD 5837 AMS; it describes the measures whihc will need to be taken to Protect the the relevant trees and detail any necessary tree replacement planting.

BS 5837 Arboricultural Supervision / Clerk of Works

If there are clear potential conflicts between trees and the proposed development. There is a high likelihood that the Local Planning Authority will require some form of Arboricultural Supervision.

This will usually comprise of the production of a supervision programme, undertaking site visits to inspect work at the scheduled times and the production of a report to support the findings.  The activities will include inspection of the tree protection and ground protection measures pre-commencement, during excavation, prior to pile installation and during any working within the Root Protection Area (RPA) of retained trees.

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