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Tree Reports

Following your tree survey, Arbor Cultural Ltd produces a detailed report which explains the findings of this survey and highlights any specific issues or recommendations relating to the care and management of each species. Tree reports are essential for many purposes, from buying a property and obtaining insurance to planning for development. No matter what your needs are, we provide suitable reports, using the latest industry technology and methods, to give you a complete understanding of your trees and their management requirements.

Based in West Molesey, Arbor Cultural Ltd works with a broad range of customers in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Southeast England, including home and landowners, and clients in the public and private sectors.

Key types of tree reports provided include

BS5837 Surveys, Reports, and Supervision

If you plan to build on a site that contains trees, or if trees are nearby, a BS5837 tree report is essential for gaining planning permission. Following a BS5837 survey, we produce a report that tells you which trees you have, their importance, what impact they will have on the proposed development and, of course, vice versa.

Your report will start with an executive summary, terms of reference and an introduction to the site, including a record of the trees, proposed works, and lighting and shading issues, as well as site levels, soil types and overall condition. In accordance with BS5837, the report will also include an arboricultural impact assessment and a tree constraints plan.

Mortgage and Insurance Reports

As part of the property buying process, mortgage and insurance lenders often require tree surveys and reports. With over 20 years of experience and with PTI training, our team has carried out tree reports for mortgage and insurance purposes, which meet the specific needs of every customer and lender.

Whether you are buying a home in Richmond, Cobham, Southampton, Guildford or Cranleigh, or a commercial property in Surrey, Hampshire or West Sussex, we provide suitable reports which incorporate the findings of our tree surveys and information on local area soils to satisfy lender requirements.

In addition, we provide reports for insurance purposes when you need to address structural damage to a property.

Health and Safety Reports

Arbor Cultural Ltd helps its customers to uphold their legal obligations by producing professional health and safety tree reports. Your report will include clear and detailed findings, along with expert recommendations for suitable methods of tree management to help maintain the safety of your site.

On top of ensuring a safe site, our expert advice will help to reduce the amount of tree surgery you are likely to need, possibly saving you the consultancy fee.

With various industry accreditations, including professional membership to the Arboricultural Association and the Consulting Arborist Society, and with full insurance, we are a trusted provider of tree reports for Richmond, Cobham, Southampton, Guildford, Cranleigh and the South of England.

To arrange air spading and tree consultancy services in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Southeast England, Call us now.

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