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Tree Surveys

From homebuyers and land managers, through to local architects and schools, we work in all areas of the community to provide informative surveys and reports that aid a better understanding of the field of tree management.

With more than 20 years of combined experience and a passion for promoting the true value of trees, our team is adept in all forms of surveys and compiles tree reports to meet your specific needs. All surveyors at our company have at least a Level 4 qualification in arboriculture and, often, a Degree level too. Each of them has completed LANTRA Professional Tree Inspection (PTI) training successfully.

The following are the most popular tree surveys we offer

BS5837 For Planning Purposes

If you intend on seeking planning permission for a project on any site which contains or is close to trees, the local authority may require a survey of those trees as part of the application. A BS5837 tree survey covers construction, demolition, design and renovation and, among other things, the location of every tree as well as their sizes, restrictions, management recommendations and health and safety assessments.

BS5837 tree surveys are important for the planning of building work. We can help you if you are a homeowner, property developer, architect, planning consultant or general builder.

Safety Reasons

Arbor Cultural Ltd often performs tree surveys for customers in Richmond, Cobham, Southampton, Guildford and Cranleigh, and for those across the South of England, who are concerned about the safety and condition of their trees. This includes surveys for landowners or estate managers who have a legal duty to ensure species are safe and, for commercial premises, which meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Tree condition surveys include the identification of defects, disease and decay with additional services such as decay detection testing available. We can also assess the structural integrity of any trees situated on your land.

Buying a House

Before buying a house, it is important to arrange a pre-purchase tree survey with qualified arboricultural consultants like those at Arbor Cultural Ltd.

This type of survey assesses the trees around the property and will include:

  • Potential damage from roots or branches
  • Damage caused by tree failure
  • Tree hazard evaluation
  • Subsidence issues related to vegetation
  • Constraints, conservation and tree preservation orders

Many mortgage lenders and insurance companies will require a professional tree survey as part of the assessment process. Arbor Cultural Ltd tailors pre-purchase surveys to meet the needs of every customer and lender in Richmond, Cobham, Southampton, Guildford, Cranleigh and the surrounding areas.

Innovative Technology and Methodology

At Arbor Cultural Ltd, we invest into the latest technology to provide quality surveys and convenient access to the results. This includes the acquisition of rugged tablets with sub-metre GPS for accurate tree surveys in all weathers, and cloud-based software that enables us to record tree details onsite, and to then upload these details in real time if necessary.

This allows you to see tree survey results on Google Earth and you also have the option to access the same results online.

To arrange air spading and tree consultancy services in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Southeast England, Call us now.

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