Air Spading in Reigate | Expert Tree Management Tips & Recommendations

With a mission to promote and maintain the benefits and value of trees, Arbor Cultural Ltd provides a range of tree management tips to improve and uphold tree health. With over 20 years of experience, we undertake tree surveys and produce detailed tree reports that help our customers in Reigate and the South of England manage their trees in a sustainable way that maximises safety and value. From decay detection testing to Arboricultural Impact Assessments, we have everything you need to get the most from your trees. We also offer expert advice for your home, commercial premises or site, such as which type of report is best for your needs, how often you should check on your trees and how to improve tree health with services such as air spading.

Although requirements vary between sites, the following are some key tips that will help you take better care of your trees in Reigate or the surrounding areas:

How often should you carry out tree surveys?

How often you require a survey depends on different factors such as the state of your trees or woodland, where trees are, what insurers ask for and the purpose of surveys. For example, some insurers ask for an annual tree report, but you may only need a one-off or occasional survey, such as an Arboricultural Impact Assessment for planning, or a health and safety report following extreme weather.

Furthermore, if you are attempting to resolve issues with your trees in Reigate, you may require more frequent surveys to monitor progress. For example, if decay detection testing identifies decay, we make management recommendations and regular surveys let you know if the condition of trees is improving. Likewise, surveys will let you know if the condition is getting worse and we can update recommendations.

Which trees should a survey include?

The most important trees to focus on are those which could pose a risk to people or property, such as trees in Reigate that are within falling distance of public roads, access tracks, properties or services.

However, our tree surveys often include all trees on a site and may also include nearby trees, depending on your requirements. For example, Arboricultural Impact Assessments take into account all trees on a site as well as those nearby to determine the impact of construction on trees and vice versa.

It is also important to include any trees which you have noticed look damaged, diseased or unhealthy. As well as assessing the risks posed by damage, our services include decay detection testing to identify decay and its severity, in addition to remedial health recommendations such as air spading, mulching and soil reconditioning.

Do some trees need more care than others?

Some trees benefit from more frequent tree surveys. For example, newly planted trees are more prone to disease and pests. Consequently, regular inspections and updated tree care recommendations are the best way to keep your new trees in Reigate healthy, enabling them to reach their full potential.

In addition, our tree reports can highlight whether some species on your site are more prone to disease and we can provide expert management advice for different trees as well as the site as a whole. Some individual trees may also be suffering from other issues such as soil compaction, for which we advise on remedial services like air spading.

Furthermore, we recommend more frequent surveys for trees that are close to buildings or services. This is because if left, trees can cause damage to property, powerlines and other features, so checking them and advising on work helps prevent issues. Arbor Cultural Ltd also carries out tree reports for subsidence and structural damage to assess whether trees are the cause, or partial cause, of damage to your property.

For personalised tree consultancy services, including tree surveys, air spading and decay detection testing in Reigate and the South of England, call 07899 984162 or 03335 775523.