Tree Report in Southampton | A Guide to Reports for Mortgage Purposes

Many mortgage lenders require homebuyers to undertake a tree survey and produce a tree report which gives them information about the trees on a property and any potential future damage. Formed in 2014, Arbor Cultural Ltd has carried out many surveys for mortgage purposes and we are adept at fulfilling the requirements of individual lenders. No matter how many trees there are on the site, we provide a thorough report and expert recommendations for tree management and any necessary work, such as air spading or minor tree surgery. Our services in Southampton and the South of England also include decay detection testing, surveys for insurance purposes and Arboricultural Impact Assessments.

With over 20 years’ experience, our team work efficiently to help you complete your house purchase or re-mortgage as quickly as possible while taking away some of the stress. Below are the main points you need to know about mortgage tree surveys:

Why You Might Need a Mortgage Tree Report

When buying a house, the process involves getting a surveyor to inspect the property you wish to buy. The surveyor assesses the condition of the property and identifies any risks, potential legal issues and urgent faults, including taking note of any trees.

Following a homebuyer’s survey, your mortgage lender or insurer may request a tree report, which Arbor Cultural Ltd can provide for customers in Southampton and all the surrounding areas. As well as helping you secure a mortgage offer, our reports enable you to make an informed decision about a property because we highlight any issues or potential problems.

For example, decay detection testing may show trees are suffering from decay, requiring remedial work or removal. We can also see if trees are causing structural issues such as subsidence and our reports include suitable recommendations for any necessary works. As an example, if a tree’s health is suffering due to soil compaction, we may suggest air spading to loosen the soil. This is a service Arbor Cultural Ltd provides alongside our surveys, reports and Arboricultural Impact Assessments.

What it Involves

When you contact us for a mortgage tree survey in Southampton, we ask for some basic information about the type and extent of work you require, such as how many trees are on the property and any previous arboricultural reports. This may simply mean providing us with a copy of the surveyor’s report.

We then arrange a convenient time to visit the property and carry out the survey. This involves various checks, such as decay detection testing, vitality testing and CAVAT valuations, and we will also plot the location of trees using GPS software. From the findings of the survey we produce a detailed tree report which includes:

  • Comments on the underlying soil type.
  • The species, age, size, health and condition of trees.
  • Identification of any trees which pose a risk of direct or indirect damage.
  • Recommendations for necessary tree care and management, including both immediate and future works such as air spading, minor tree surgery, soil reconditioning, pruning and ongoing maintenance.

Whether you require a tree survey in Southampton for mortgage, insurance, health and safety or other purposes, or you need an Arboricultural Impact Assessment for a planning application, we provide honest and expert services and advice to help you achieve your goals.

Please call Arbor Cultural Ltd on 07899 984162 or 03335 775523 for all kinds of tree reports in Southampton and the surrounding areas.