Air Spading and Tree Reports in Southampton- Why Should You Use a Tree Specialist

The roots of trees have a huge impact on the overall health of a tree. Which means that for a tree to be healthy, the root has to be healthy. Soil aeration is a great way to ensure that your tree has healthy roots. This procedure is essential for the healthy growth and development of any tree. For this reason, air spading is an essential part of any program that involves tree care.

Arbor Cultural Ltd undertakes air spading and tree reports in Southampton to help you to keep the roots of your trees healthy, which will in turn impact the structural integrity of the whole tree. With a combined experience of over twenty years and a wealth of professional tree care expertise, we are the leading provider of air spading services and tree reports in Southampton and its surroundings.

Whether you need professional reports concerning the trees on your property, or you need your trees properly aerated, we can help. We utilize the most modern technology and techniques for reliable, fast, and professional results that can help us in providing you with suitable recommendations.

With our services ranging from arboricultural impact assessment to tree care, we are the leading choice for tree expertise in Southampton and its surrounding areas. The following are the major aspects of our tree reports and air spading services;

Bare Rooting And Transplanting

Trees often need to be transplanted. In this case, air spading can help get rid of excess dirt so that the weight of the tree can decrease and the tree can be pulled from the ground and removed.

Vertical Mulching

Our air spading equipment will help to create holes in the dirt around roots. This will help the root to stay aerated, nourished,and moisturized.

Soil Aeration

Soil around a tree can sometimes become compacted causing harm to the tree root. We help air spade the soil in situations like this to help the tree root receive water and air.

Why You Should Use A Tree Specialist

Expert tree analysis

Whether it's a routine maintenance or damage that occurred as a result of a storm, it's important to understand the right actions to carry out when maintaining trees and tree roots. Air spading for instance is a very crucial process that you won't be able to carry out yourself, but experts such as Arbor Cultural Ltd understand the right places to aerate and proper root care. Also, some dangerous processes such as tree transplanting shouldn't be carried out on your own. This is why it is recommended that you hire a specialist instead of doing it yourself.

Professional Equipment

Air spading and proper tree care require the use of specialized equipment so that you don't risk hurting yourself or treating the tree incorrectly and exposing it to further damage. However, air spading equipment requires proper training to use properly. Although this equipment can be purchased, it can be costly especially for a one time use.

Tree Management Recommendation

A tree specialist will the best possible advice and recommendations for management. Some of these recommendations include removal, climbing inspections, soil treatments, and amelioration to help keep your trees healthy and maintained.

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